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Our messages empower teams and ultimately reduce attrition in organizations.

We offer educational and inspirational resources for your organization's diversity activities such as live and online keynotes, seminars, workshops or panel participation

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We, Latino Leadership Performance, can accelerate your company’s efforts to develop and retain high-caliber Latino talent by helping you understand and nurture Latino performance within your organization and by delivering educational and empowering messages to your Latino employees and non-Latino managers of Latino employees. We can deliver these messages in person or online.

The ABCs of Latino Leadership

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Our flagship seminar is The ABCs of Latino Leadership, an online, scalable, and turnkey program to help your Latino employees embrace their cultural assets, identify and manage their cultural blind spots, and develop their competencies. This allows them to grow their personal and professional power, and optimize their on-the-job performance and satisfaction.


This program allows your Latino workforce to explore key areas such as defining success, factors fostering or hindering on-the-job performance, how their Latino culture influences how they show up at work, what Latino staff needs to know and do to be more successful, and designing a personal action plan to optimize their on-the-job performance. 


We also offer resources for your company's Hispanic Heritage Month activities such as 30-minute keynote, 1-hour keynote, half-a-day and one-day seminars and Latino speakers for a variety of events, panels and keynotes.


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"Now I finally understand my manager and why she treats me the way she does. She is just different than me and I learned to manage up.”


— Marketing Executive, Tech Company

“Thanks for your support. Without you, I would not have gotten the role..”


— Non-Profit Org Executive

"Wow, I wished someone had told me all this information 10 years ago”


— Program Mgr, Fortune 100 Company


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